Green Promoting was founded in 2008, out of excitement for an advertising medium that is unlike any other form of media. Imprinted merchandise visually controls the narrative about your organization. Printed products can influence people about your brand and if using promotional products interrupts people, educates consumers, encourages employees, and thanks customers, you just succeeded in marketing your business! You want to shift a perspective, create change and make a connection, to that extent your campaign needs to include branded merchandise. Marketing is in part who you are paying attention to and who is paying attention to you. GP will help select the right creative products that people will appreciate.

Using Promotional Products


  • Reach a specified target audience
  • Reward affinity programs and relationships
  • Brand Building
  • Improve tradeshow experience
  • Employee retention
  • Employee motivation
  • Lead generation
  • Consumer engagement
  • Customer loyalty
  • Product advancement
  • Signage
  • Maintain sales relationships
  • Company education
  • Service awards
  • Conduct and reward best practices
  • Announce company changes

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